Why Shavuot? – Rabbi Ahron Hoch and Adrienne Gold

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In 2013 we did an ongoing series of videos with Rabbi Ahron Hoch of The Village Shul and Adrienne Gold, teacher and global speaker with the JWRP.

They had a series of fascinating conversations about family, marriage, loss and so much more. As we are coming up to Shavuot, I thought it would be great to give you some of the audio of these fast-paced conversations about one of our most significant holidays and how it relates to marriage, parenting and appreciating what we have.

Facing Each Day with a Positive Attitude

The Schwartz Family

Ellen Schwartz

Ellen is a veteran elementary teacher with 17 years of experience teaching in Toronto. With Project Give Back, Ellen continues to teach children the true power of giving as she launches her newest project which links her years of teaching expertise with the skills of fundraising, thus instilling a true love of giving back and community outreach which will help to change future lives.

Schwartz has also become a passionate advocate for research into neurodegenerative diseases such as Canavan’s. She is the co-director of Jacob’s Ladder (The Canadian Foundation for the Control of Neurodegenerative Disease), and the author of Lessons from Jacob: A Disabled Son Teaches His Mother About Courage, Hope and the Joy of Living Life to the Fullest – http://www.jacobsladder.ca. Together with her network of friends and family, Schwartz has raised more than two and a half million dollars to fund research grants and awards to find cures for fatal diseases.

To date, Jacob’s Ladder has enabled ongoing research in many areas related to neurodegenerative disorders. Through the annual Jacob’s Ladder International Research Prize, for example, this organization makes possible innovative research in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases. In addition to supporting investigative research, Jacob’s Ladder has helped to facilitate increased genetic screening in Canada for parents and parents-to-be.

As a public speaker Ellen continues to move and inspire audiences due to her unwavering belief in her son’s abilities, her steadfast commitment to education and research into neurodegenerative diseases, and her heartfelt desire to help others cope with life’s toughest challenges.

Dr. Stephanie Bot

Would You Date You- FB

Dr. Stephanie Bot is a well-known family therapist and run BizLife Solutions dealing with harrasment in the workplace. In this candid and moving talk she delves into relationships from behind the therapists chair and takes us on an introspective journey that taps into the real power of knowing yourself in relationships.

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