“I’m Fine” with Avrum Nadigel, MSW

This is from our JFI Teen Mental Health Conference on Sunday Feb. 11, 2018. Avrum Nadigel, MSW is the author of two amazing books on relationships with another one on the way and has been a therapist in private practice for many years here in Toronto. This blistering, hilarious and insightful talk challenges our ideas about parenting teens and pushes us to understand our own anxiety.


Tweens, Teens and Tech Thornhill with Elissa Kline Beber

This is a talk that was also given at the Village Shul, but each time it’s given it has different questions and information. Elissa is so straightforward and sensitive it’s a great talk to hear again. It starts mid-sentence at the beginning of the talk where she is suggesting that the older generation grew up at school when you could make a mistake or be mean in a comment and it would not be committed to text and permanency in the same way as today ours and our kids thoughts and feelings in each moment are.


BodyHeartMindSoul Parenting Panel

Copy of bodymindsoul parentingu EDIT FINAL.png

Our parenting panel talks about parenting kids ages 6 and under, sleep, eating, mental wellness and spiritual nourishment for parents and kids. Our panelists were: Eva Klein from http://www.mysleepingbaby.com , Aviva Allen from http://www.healthymomstoronto.com , Dr. Aliza Israel an amazing child psychiatrist from Women’s College Hospital, and Ilana Rubenstein OT who speak and writes about spiritual wellness and Jewish wisdom.

Moderated by Ellie Bass

Esther and Choice with Ellie Bass


In this class Ellie Bass ties together the Purim story and the philosophy of “Hard Choices” to bring together an idea that perhaps we are as we choose to be in a much deeper way than we originally thought, and that we learn this uniquely from Esther in the Purim Story in a deep and lasting way.

Here is the Ted Talk Ruth Chang gives on Hard Choices: https://www.ted.com/talks/ruth_chang_how_to_make_hard_choices

Here is Avivah Zornberg’s book referenced in the talk:¬†https://www.amazon.ca/Murmuring-Deep-Reflections-Biblical-Unconscious/dp/080521206X